Celeb Freakshow: Gerebil

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The first celebrity freakshow, there are tons of these we've done, they're not great and I wont submit anymore probably but hey, might as well see what kind of score this gets.

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do one on Bush XD

u really should do one with Bush in it XD XD




well it was a good flash and it had its potentials. Did i spell that right? what ever. Also the animation was pretty good too. I really liked the circus owner. Actually he looked like Michel Jackson. I dont like that guy anymore. The circus tent was pretty good too. I liked the sky too it was very dark. I know you made this but did you notice that he celebraty was naked!? Im not sure if you did. Also what was that stuff comeing out of his mouth. Was it spit? Im not sure if you even know its in there. Did you even make this flash? I hope you did because if you didnt you wouldnt be getting this very long and pointless review. Are you even reading this far? If you are then you must have alot of patience. Now back to the flash. I noticed there was no "the end" thing at the end. I mean i am used to people telling me when things are over. Like when i die in a video game because i think my guys are just sleeping sometimes. I wonder if it took you along time to make this flash? I have never really made a flash on flashplayer so i dont know. Who was the celebrety in the flash? Was it you? Im kidding. Are you still there? It dosent matter i like talking tro myself in the mental hospital. Well im getting to the limit i think so bye

could have been really good

all i can say is that I had high hopes for this. The animation and scenery and overall look and feel to it was really great. the lighning was good too. my only problem was that it was anti-climatic. the beginning was building it up also the slow moving view was building it up then you saw it and it was like ho hum. i took some points off for the sound cause the scream should have been placed earlier. i did like that fact that it was richard gere and i hate him but it should have actually looked like a freak not just richard gere on a baby body. fix the end part with the freak so its funnier and then youl be golden. good effort.

Needs Some Work But Good Start

Hey i like the looks of the beginning of the flash movie not bad but you need a little more work on it i think that you should pick up Flash Tips for 2006 I saw it at the computer shaw near me a few weeks ago and I picked up a copy there are good tips in there for flash makers of all skill level

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3.06 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2006
1:01 PM EST
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