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How to be Annoying Comp.

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I made this a while ago for fun.
Thought i'd put them all together for a compilation.
Hope you all like my sense of humour!

Music: Not Many by Scribe
Push the little daisy's by Ween
I dont want to be - by i cant remember


meh , alright , i guess

it was alright not too dull not too funny , and it was a little bit short


it was ok i guess, but nothing in it really struck me funny. well, better luck next time.

that was crap

look sorry mate that was slightly funny but sick who the hell would try that to someone

Needs a fixer- upper

First of all the good: I liked the concept of "how to pull pranks". also the animation was decent but a bit too stiff. what was good was the arrows pointing and stating"the victim" and "point of impact" and "results" and whatnot. That was neat. Now the bad: there was no backgrounds- it was just blank. Plus I found the pause and play icons in the corner to be annoying. also i found myslef waiting for the big ending the climax of sorts and it failed miserably to give a funny result of how to be annoying. it just was not funny at all. Overall you tried but the result was not good. You have a good idea and you need to work with it.

Nice try, but needs major improvement.

I mean, I've gotta almost back fetusdoctor up on this one. Here's why:
- The animation was okay, but not great. Really, it was a nice attempt, but it looks rushed and sloppy in places.
- The writing was pretty bad. The jokes were all about messing with people's food, which is okay, but not a very good basis for an ENTIRE flash. You don't have to be a good writer to be a great animator, so try and find a good writer to team up with. If you're trying to improve your writing, then use someone else as a sounding board for your ideas.
- It was really pretty short. Almost not-worth-the-effort short. Try to find more material.

All in all, it was a decent attempt... just don't think that more of the same will do next time. You've GOT to improve yourself.

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1.74 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2006
7:57 AM EST
Comedy - Original