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If you don't feel sorry for Murrey then you must have an evil heart. I must mention that the character of Murrey was inspired by a character from a farming anime style game called harvest moon. Just thought I should mention that so no one calls plagiarism.

Audio: Naruto - Sadness And Sorrow
Black Mages - The Skies Above

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It started well...

but then it just sort of... died, pardon the pun. I mean, in the beginning, I was feeling all sad, but then you just said; 'Murrey got a dog. Murrey got fleas. Murrey died.'
It just lost detail.
I did enjoy it, though. I like Murrey~


I've played Harvest Moon AWL and Another WL. I've heard that if you give Murrey enough money, he'll go back to his homeland. In my brother's file, he stole stuff from his farm. I was like, "Murrey, wth?" I'm good friends with him, so he doesn't take stuff from me. ;) This is just sad, though.

poor little murrey

But that's the circle of life I think.


you sick minded person. why would you make something about a bum whos life sux the becomes awesome when he finds a dog. then he dies and the dog is left broken hearted. *sniff* it may be funny but it is freakin sad. i bet if you controlled the world, youd make evryone bums then have them die to leave broken hearted dogs stranded. whats gonna happin to the doggy! *bursts into tears*

hey murrey

hey murrey maybe if you stayed off the streets you wouldnt be a bum but that doesnt change the fact that you rock! because you do. rock i mean..... but now whos gonna look after that damn dog

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Jan 4, 2006
1:07 AM EST
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