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EDIT: Added subtitles when BadeggClock speaks.
Part 2 of DemonHeart's PopQuiz is here.
Haven't seen part 1? Correct, I didn't submit it to Newgrounds. It was exclusively on Clock Crew.
In this episode, DemonHeart intended to include some of his own jokes, instead of stealing them. Such a shame he doesn't get to make them.
Thankyou Flashkit and findsounds (both .com's).



Great stuff! Would be even better with sound though, but the animation and concept are all good. Btw, whatever happened to the number one in the series? Anyhow, keep up the good work!


fuckin great

Sweet god, just bout pissed myself laughin at that one. I dont give a shit what anyone says, keep this up man. well done. Givin this beauty a five.


First cameo! But i didn't talk :(
Oh well, 10.


I like what you did here. I never got to see part one which is sad.
I can understand if you had a lot of inside humor in it taht you would not submit it here. The graphic are nice, the animatino is good. I like the story line. I can see how such a nasty smeel would have such an effect.
I like the little loader that was very original.The other clock looked like he was asleep, or passed out, or even dead. Unless it was Possum clock, if there is one, can't keep track of them anymore.
Nice little submission.

Damnyoualltohell responds:

Yay you guessed correctly, it was possum. You win a free imagenary friend!*
*Look at the 'BUT'
BUT: You have to imagine it yourself.

Pretty good

Nothing really new here, but it was still pretty funny. The best part of the movie was the graphics... I don't think I've seen a Clock Group movie before with an actual functioning clock. As well as this, the animation was short, I thought it'd be longer, and I was hoping it'd actually determine a winner. But still, it was funny for what it had.

Damnyoualltohell responds:

Watch part three. Also, it is Clock Crew and Glock Group. Don't mix them up though, the Clocks are peace-loving and try their best at great movies. The Glocks follow in the tracks of StrawberryClock (the original clock), and submit total crap. The Lock Legion is our ally by the way.

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2.64 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2006
9:01 AM EST
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