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Time Of Your Life (AM)

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Edit: This is an old version and does not correctly demonstrate my abilities. Watch "Time of thy life" instead. It still doesn't display my current abilities, but it's a hell of a lot better.
-AM (Amoeba Man)


A bit of work needed

As you may already know, it does seem pretty obvious. The lip-syncing was off by a golden mile. Not once did it match the animation, which I admit looked pretty decent, albeit a few small gripes with the hands playing the guitar and all. The hands themselves and the way they were connected to the body made the guitarist look like he was a puppet of some sort, as was the case with his head turning. With some work you could improve this. The background and room itself looked good, and the music was very clear and the song itself is an excellent song to provide for an animation. So basically you just need to work on your timing and movement (maybe look at the frets for the guitar to see what he's playing so it adds some detail to the animation) and you'll have an excellent animation on your hands.

amoeba-man responds:

Yeah, he does look a little wooden, I'll admit. I am working on a V3, but it won't be out for a while yet... I still haven't managed to get that song out of my head.

i got to give this one to blazeboy998

im sorry but the lip sync was off otherwise it was ok

need's improvement

Yeah the lip syncing was terrible.

Nice try.

You need to work on the the lip-sync. Overall it liked it, great song to pick. Also, try to make a little more detail in it, like the guitar strings moving, and it would be cool it you got the fingers to the correct string and fret, look at some guitar tabs. That's my opinion. Good job!

What're you thinking?

It looked like an old Godzilla movie that was dubbed with American voices, really really off and lips moving when there is no words. Also, why was the only scene his room, and was that clapping?! You make very little sense. Re-think things through, fix it up, and submit a new one. Atleast you can get out of the ridicule by claiming you're an amatuer.

amoeba-man responds:

Hey, know what? I AM an ameteur. As for there being only one scene, there is a story to this, you just have to think hard to see it. It's not about the story, though.

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2.11 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2006
4:37 PM EST
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