Mentos / Gotta Crap?

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This guy is eating some chili, which causes him have to take a crap. On entering the bathroom, he finds all the stalls are full. What should he do?

OK, there are several things I'd like to bring up before viewing. First of all, this is the first Flash I've ever submitted to Newgrounds. Second, Pimp is spelled incorrectly on purpose, so don't complain about that (it's an inside joke). Third, the drawing is crappy on purpose, I was trying to go for a Terrance and Philip style cartoon (plus the fact that I can't draw to well in Flash, so it really isn't on purpose). I also spent only about an hour making it, as well.

By the way, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY PEOPLE ARE STILL EVEN WATCHING THIS? I put it up almost 2 damn years ago, yet people are still finding it. Why???

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very funny

that was hilarious! even the way you piumps instead of pimps.
haha. well it was very good and you should make more stuff like this

i went into a washroom were

someone did that lol wouldn't it suck to be the one to get rid o that? and thats what it look like there for lol


you did what everyone else has done a thousand times before but you've done it a thousand times worse than the thousands before you.


dude hes supposed to eat the mentos 1st then get the idea!

great movie

this is friggin sweet

o and btw HaxOrz1864, you need to learn how to fucking spell dude!!! I mean you misspelled words you learn in first grade you fuckin moron!!!!!

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Aug 20, 2001
12:46 AM EDT
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