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Just incase: this IS my final movie, and it IS NOT A TRAILER for a movie I am working on.

Essentially this is a piss-take of poorly written action films, done in the form of a trailer.

The idea for this came from watching a trailer for XXX 2: the next limit or whatever the hell it was called. A friend and myself wrote the script for this over a day or so.

I originally created this animation for an assignment. I hope you enjoy it.
The Background music was created by my friend Kieran, you can find more of his work here:

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well the animation wasnt anything out of the ordinary. the sound was alright, but the words didnt fit the characters mouths, and the storyline was un-original, and boring. there was absalutely no humor at all. it was the kind of "humor" you see on nickelodean shows. this seemed like a plot that a ten year old spongebob fan would come up with. sorry, but this was just a bad excuse for a flash


Overall this was a good project, the animation was weak but the music was solid... if not genius.<3 me HEEAARRRTTTT MEEEEE


that was awesome. i wonder why this didn't win an award?
it had everything, cool audio, awesome graphics, good action, and it just overall kicked ass. i liked this one.


This was pretty good, it had some good humor, so i hope this author puts out some more work, but please, make the graphics a bit better...

Nebus responds:

Thanks for the good review.

As for the graphics, do you mean to add shadowing and more detail to the characters? Anyone want to follow up on this?
It would be appreciated.


That was wicked, great animation, great sound and everything..........except that OurGuardian is extremely stupid, and I quote "You could've just made a movie out of this instead of a 'trailer'", he made a movie it was a mock of movie trailers stupid, go get a brain at K Mart for $25.98, I here its discount days.

Nebus responds:

Thanks for the great review!

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3.76 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2005
9:23 AM EST
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