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Piconjo: Tales of PWN II

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Piconjo's Tales of PWN is a series created documenting some of the greatest Tales of PWN of Piconjo. Such an epic event could only be told in this form.



For a second I thought something was gonna jump outta the screen.

another swell movie

The graphics were so detailed and the sound was epic. The plot was obviously well thought out and made this movie a masterpiece. If I could give out straight 20s I would. Piconjo lives on!

WinchesterLock responds:

He lives on in our hearts and minds. :')

Another Piconjo film is teh suck

I must say, with yet another Piconjo piece of shit, it is another steaming pile of suck. Weren't you supposed to be dead or something, Piconjo?

That aside, try making good flash for once, though I doubt you have the talent.

well this opens up a new world of sucking.

you are just one above the barny bunch in terms of sucking at flash. you are not good at all. you are not 69, and you are not cool. legendary frog, wonchop, pikanjo, etc. etc. are so much better than you. i should not take this seriously but you piss me off. so quit now.

P.s. i you reply to this speak normally.

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I can not beleve that this passed judgement. Not only is the art too simple. But this is mocking someone who MAY be dead. Legendary Frog does not make flashes like this.

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1.58 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2005
1:02 AM EST