Ortus(part III)

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UPDATE- I have finally added the subtitle to this version as well....

At this moment I'm not sure if part III will make it through judgement or not, but please see part I and II, before III to understand the story a little more.

To the people who have not seen Ortus yet, this is my first flash that I did. It's all supposed to be together, but the filesize was so big that I had to split it up into 3 parts. This has a preloader(thank you for the people that told me about this).

I was wondering if people are interested enough for me to officially create something more with this character and style(I guess this is kind of like my pilot). I would like to continue this story, if people are interested enough in me continuing it. Please E-mail me, or if I make it through judgement, tell in your review.

thank you <:D

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Not what it seems

Id never seen a story like this, I'd really like to know more about it, its very interesting and unusual, made me watch till the end. You have my full support if you decide to continue, this was amazing and worth all the work you put into it, so keep at it!


Ok it taken three parts to really get the flow of your style down. It is very different then a lot of the other stuff I have seen on the site.
I like the fact you added subtitles, you should include that feature in all these flash. I actually would recomend when you are doing the voice acting part you tone the sound of the background music down.
Even though this one was better at that then the last.
Tha graphics are nice, the story is getting compelling.
I'll have to make sure to watch out for more of these.

bica1 responds:

Thank you very much for your comments! I hope you enjoy the next parts that I will be making(after stray, because you have seen stray)!

i watched 1-3 now

1 was good, kinda declined from there. good story. good graphics, style i though was a little worse...

but sorry... on 2-3 you need to improve the sound >< or at least add a sub-titles option. that would increase my overall score by 3.
its just the sound quality really pulled me away from the flash

bica1 responds:

yeah, I fixed that, I have added subtitles, so people could at least understand more of what's going on.


I went with your wishes and saw the first. And oh my I just feel in love with this. And with the other parts of the series as well. Enjoyed everything in it. But only one problem with this new instalment. And that is it was to short compared to the other two. But still loved every single second of it. KEEP UP THE SERIES AND MOST OF ALL THE GOOD WORK.

bica1 responds:

Thank you very much!! You get me very excited to work on my next piece!

very nice!

extremely good art style, but little animation (thus the 4 in style). the lack of any animation is part of your style for these ortus cartoons, i'm sure, but it may not appeal to some people. the actual pictures were amazing - brilliantly drawn, while they were pretty much still images, the narrator managed to hold things together.
the overall style of the cartoon makes me want to see more, well done for that :p

interesting use of colours and whatnot, but lacking in animation. i hope this series goes far :D

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3.87 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2005
9:22 AM EST
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