serious bob

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my animation is inspired by max payne (atake two game)
title: serious bob
time: 6 minutes
year: 2005

enjoy it!

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Serious Bob was Great!
What is the song for the gas station?


This is an awesome movie. After seeing this. Their should be a sequel. If not another action-packed movie starring Bob Jonhson.

if there was some other music , it would be better

the music doesn´t fit there i think .... good action , i like the SMILE screaming at the end :D

Awesome Audio!! Meh graphics

Well the sound was very good! Good Bass sound to effects and ok music for the part. Try to get movie scores for stuff. The graphics were ok, I know you tryed your best but some things were ok looking. Try improving on graphic glitchs such as when the car tipped over and rode the ground, that looked weird. But good Job anyway!

Im not even going to start...

This was so bad. First off there are many fucked up things in this for example the pissing part was making me litaerly piss in my pant, the piss went back up his bobby johnson(crack head looking son). I was laughing at the part with the baby cut in half. And then again he like beats his wife to get her to breathe, what the fuck? O yeah also in the end with the chainsaw guy, when he gets knocked on the floor he fucking throws the chainsaw with one hand on the ground. O yeah and the last person who commented maddnes_fuck is a loser i mean come on who cares if he stole anything from any other thing? Tell thats shit to all the other people who made a flash based on something else.

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3.47 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2005
4:19 PM EST