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Ok, finally it is here. Inspired by the BBS topic that was unfairly deleted it is now here in a 3 20 second music powered flash. To those of who, who dont know what this is about you probably will still get it, to others who do know, Enjoy, for the photoshopped one is back.

- Cheers to soupflavouredsoup for the variations on Johns head

- P.S. Anyone who takes this too seriously is an idiot

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share a bit of the laughter

I've never witnessed this thread, but I enjoyed the whole thing.

John's face for the punching and all the pics were hilarious.

The IM messages were great and the assassin-type mod was brilliant.

What's going on with the black and white sludge stuff though? Is that some sort of metaphor, saying the thread brough colour into the world?

Graphics and animation were really basic with a lack of style but I liked the way you used screenshots in there and the graphics were good enough to tell the story.

A great tribute and explanation to something I never saw first-hand. But now I can share a bit of the laughter. Thanks.

El-Sammo responds:

Cheers mon,
You are the only person so far to actually realise my... metaphor thingy.
It was Maus, that crafty lass... how dare she take it away... but if you look at her profile closley u will see this is one of her favourite movies... how evil.

Peace out


Jay made me watch this... XD good jarb.


I have never laughed at anything so hard in my life. I really wish i could have seen this sooner. El_Sammo, let me just say that you are a f*cking geniouse. Thank you for making this historical work of art.


After clearing out months of old emails, I found an email from you linking me to this flash movie. I can't beleive I didn't see it when it first came out.

I fell to the ground kicking and laughing! You nailed it dead on. For anyone who dosn't know, this IS a ture story! El_Sammo, you rock for taking this to great hights that I will always remember. Overall, you did this Flash really well. The animation was smooth, and the sound was perfect.

P.S. The deletion of the "This is..." Topic makes me feel emo whenever I think about it. :(

Aye a fine flash it be.

First of all, credit!

Secondly it was not based on a true story. That's actualy how it happened.

Your graphics are improving and the cinematography was great. I loved how the computer started to cry and the flooding tears turned the world monochrome. That's right, I have transcended from the use of the term "black and white". My only pet peeve with it was that some of the text was too fast to read.

Forgive the latness of my reply. Seeing as there doesn't seem to be any interesting coke around here I'll have to get you some fanta.

Your Asian friend in Asia

El-Sammo responds:

Fanta ay... cokes ugly cousin, but it will do, as long as you dont get me any of that 'Sweat' shit.

This only took me a couple of days as opposed to the length of time other movies i have made have taken. Enjoy Asia, Asian, Im bored shitless here.

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Dec 27, 2005
11:42 AM EST
Comedy - Parody