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AOL vs FinalFantasy

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Use FinalFantasy 7 characters to kill the AIM guy in this FinalFantasy6-RPG style battle! Credit to Cody B. (Goteki) for the sound files and Jordan C. for the FF7 character graphics.

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wut the fuck was dat

More of animation than a game, but still holds the same entertainment value. Well executed way of making fun of AOL, rather than just another simulator of it with a bunch of pop ups. No strategy required, it just kinda moves forward, wish there was a bit of actual game play. Art was extraordinary for the time though, however the game was in really small window.

rip aol guy 2001-2020

This was really fun to play!

Alas, an undefeatable foe..? Or not! Finally a chance to let out all that early dial-up Internetal AOL-based rage, if ever I'd used them. Looks like items was filled with spam from the start, but wth, still a grand RPG! Basic as it may be; not entirely bug-free. Nicely done.