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The Little Buzzers Ep 5

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This is the 5th episode in "The Little Buzzers" series. Be sure to check them out at their website www.littlebuzzers.com or check them out on iTunes! (Click the "Subscribe on iTunes!" on the left.)

That had to be the shortest front page feature I have ever seen. Oh well.

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This was cute

I thought this was good, but not great. I guess I'm not into this series that much. I think it was a little too long. It's still quite nice to see these characters again. It is nice to see how cute it all is. It still has stuff about poison, but is not all that dark.

I can appreciate that approach. You know how to create a pretty interesting setup. I don't know why they're eating batteries. For people, that's already poison. Hopefully, they're hurt by salt like slugs and snails.

So cute.

Gotta love the green buzzer most of all such evil cuteness you can't help not to love him,so far this is my favorite episode of the series. =D


Greevil is freakin awesome

Sedrick rules!!!

I have a few things to say: ~ I liked how you had them eat batteries, it explains why Greevil ate the power cord in that other episode. Also how they sound electronic. It just goes with all of it. ~ I really liked how you would show things from their perspective. ~ I also liked how you brought back the guy from episode 4, and I noticed the name on his desk. lol. ~ Sedrick is my fav. He is sooo cool. I also like how he talks, like he just cant believe whats going on. Or how he tries to explain things like he knows exactly what hes saying but you can totally tell he doesnt. ~ I'm adding this video to my favs!