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The 8-Bit Wizard

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Are you up for this 60 question challenge to see who's the best of the best when it comes to NES Know-It-All? I, along with Xanadu32, bring you my first game.

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the music is anyoning

Well, it was hard for me to really like this, seeing as how I'm so bad at it. I guess I'm not as big of a fan of video games as I thought. Of course, these questions were mostly about stuff that came out in the 1980's and I was not born yet. The music is pretty authentic. I managed to at least get some right, probably only because I was lucky. At least it's easy to play.

Not really much of a Mega Man fan. I guess I don't know enough about video game history to do well with this. I sincerely thought that I did! The questions themselves are presented in a pretty nice manner. You didn't just use standard text.

250, meh, I'm not even an 8-bit wizard so I guess I did OK.

Of course there's gonna be questions you don't know, it wouldn't be a quiz otherwise. I got 450/600. I messed up on some of the more technical questions. But I really like the way the quiz was structured. Really smooth and fun.

Kinda sucks because some of the questions are from vid games that people don't know about.

1.5 stars is what you deserve.