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Megaman vs Heatman

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inspired by El Cid`s megaman vs quickman,Kecho's Megaman vs Snakeman and Mm vs Geminiman and my movie of Megaman vs Bubbleman...THE EPIC BATTLE OF HEATMAN, LORD OF THE HEAT :P

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He's a robot. He can't bleed.

Great video and has some of the best music I've heard! Please ignore the very low vote I gave you though. That was by complete accident.

Este video fue parte de mi infancia ¡Gracias Dan Dark!

Thus, Heatman died at the hands of ロックマン. But was Heatman really this difficult to destroy? I remember both Heatman and Airman not being much of a challenge to ロックマン's Rock-Buster. I honestly found it way more difficult to destroy Woodman. Oh, well. At least ロックマン prevailed. Now that Quickman, Bubbleman, and Heatman are dead, ロックマン only has Woodman, Airman, Metalman, Crashman, and Flashman left to destroy. Fight, ロックマン, for everlasting peace!

crazy but totally epic!