Christmas Kicks Ass

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No real explanations needed here I think , Merry Christmas and Enjoy!


some glitches, and repetitive...

First off, i was we peeved noticing that the timer was counting
1...2...345...6...7...8910...and so on, that sucks. Next the gifts would be stuck sometimes, thus, impossible to nab. Finally, its very repetitive, i only played 3 times and got bored. You could mayber add some kind of enemy, or new design WHATEVER!!!
But the graphics were decent, and its an OK game.


each time i played it seemed random on one ocasion one of the presents was stuck up top and imposable to get maybe u try fixing it

I had a timer problem as well...

Every time I played the game, the timer kept going faster and faster. So first time was say 16 seconds, then 24, then 45, then 1:01 (examples, not accurate), even though I took the same amount of time each time through.

Other then that, just a small quick game to pass a few minutes on a cold December day.


Sweet Sam ^^ And really kewl that this got a related content! Just wished mine also did =/

Anyways, keep it up!

Pretty boring.

Needs more to it than picking up presents. A little below avrage needs more to do.

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2.41 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2005
3:26 PM EST
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