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Jim Meets an Alien

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Dear Newgrounders
After 2 months of tireless work on Jim Meets an Alien I have finally finished. The effort put into this was enormous so I hope that you will enjoy the movie. I would love to hear your comments especially of other experienced flash animators. You will need flash 8 for this movie, a fast connection and a powerful computer otherwise the game may seem a little choppy.

Kindest Regards, Yohan Dantan

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Such a great movie why isn't it noticed?

this movie is great, everything is executed in such a gret manner! thumbs up dude, 2 big ones.

Absolutely Stunning.

Graphics: A pleasure to view and take in the graphics. The only bad thing would be the hair colour but i geuss that fits in to the whole punk wow dude wheres my car kinda guy. 9/10 Extremely good
Style: I personally like your style, many of my friends agreed. 9.8/10
Sound: Extremely clear n crystal n a pleasure to listen too. Usually movies have that annoying sshhh or is clearly ameturely done but this movie had the sound just right. 10/10
Violence: You played the violence with the train extremely well n it was very believable and extremely well executed.
Interactivity: My gosh you had a chapter selection, GAME (which was quite good n I enjoyed playing it highest score 3200 ;) and the alternate ending addition deservers a round of applause)
Humor: Nothing beats it, I couldn't hold myself together I thought i was going to die when i watched it so were many of my coleuges. They couldn't stop talking about the movie afterwards too and kept on watching and watching it.

Overall: Absolutely hillarious movie with a great ending. I gave it a 10 and a five, and the rest of my 32 colleuges out of 34 aggreed that this was a movie theyd pay to see. It was that funny. Please do make more like this and put as much effort as you clearly did into your other works. ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING! 10 OUTA 10 FROM ALL MY COLLEUGES!!!


it was reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllyyyyyyyy cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!! AND FUNNY... THE ALIENs MoM HAs gOT it GOIn on!!!!!!!!


I loved it, with the alien and the train and the DUUUUUUDE and the green hair and the stuff *nods*

Ok, Graphics: Pretty good. I could tell what everything was and the animation was pretty slick too. Pretty colours too.

Style: Yeah, it was cool ^_^. Nothing utterly offensive or anything.

Sound: The music and voices were all coherent, and of good quality.

Violence: Oncoming Train + Alien = BLOOD! And I gave some extra points for the Alien Mum leading him off by the ear (ouch)

Interactivity: Surprisingly high for a flash cartoon. The game obviously bumped up the score a bit, and the subtitles and all the cool buttons at the top added to the score too.

Humor: I loved it, dude. The green haired dude and the alien jibberish, and the alien mom like Marge Simpson *snickers*. Ten.

Keep up the good work!


Man that Waaas funny im kicken it with the homies and thats tha funniest sh*t to hear when ur high as hell and relating to that alien.
Good Work.