Space training

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A space training that took me a week to make....HINT: you have to beat the first part to get a password for the next level


Just good enough...

to pass, but please improve.

Quite a good shooting gallery, but scoring didn't make sense. I was going to say exactly what superdudeforever said, I had also done a test 3 blocks in four shots should = 75% not 39.
If the score includes some other factor, you should say so. I tried quite a few times and also had bullets go straight through. Likewise, I gave up before getting to the second level.

Sound would be good.

Bam2323 responds:

well try beating it its alot more fun after that :-@

Super weak game

My shot would go right thru some of the blocks without hitting. The perspective is wrong. The 'enemy' should be coming from the top to the bottom, or the ship should be on the left facing left. You are given too much time and it gets very boring. I don't understand your scoring system. I tried a test and shot only 1 shot, hit the target, and still only got 50% accuracy, when it was 100% accurate shooting. Was too bored to try to get the password for the 2nd level.

Bam2323 responds:

well when u only shoot 1 that means you get a bad % and i got a secret about the game but sadly no one has noticed it

dude ! wtf ! this game sux so much ass its insane

why god why, why did you make such a suky shi*ty game ? thats all i want to no....i meen the graphics were ok i guess but there wasnt much to look at, the sound was sh*t, it was too f*kin easy !!! i played it 4 like 10 secs and contemplated suicide.....please dont make any more games, im sure every1 else will agree with me.

Bam2323 responds:

Well F*ck you cuz i will make more games and you suc to im a f*ckin begginer thats why now F*ck off

drop it

don't bother with this, it's just not good. it has no potential

Bam2323 responds:

Well try beating the whole thing

just plain horrible

has very poor graphics. no sound and boring idea. i think this "game" is not even worth playing

Bam2323 responds:

well you gotta beat it to seee the better part!

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2.29 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2005
9:19 PM EST
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