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Anti Anti Hentai Club

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IF YOU WANT A LOT OF HENTAI ON YOUR PC JOIN THE CLUB: http://www.the-aahc.net/p hpBB2/index.php

NB: ANTI-ANTI-HENTAI means we're FOR hentai, alright? Just to clear that up. Also, nothing in this movie actually HAS hentai in it. It's just a movie made for a club... damn, does anyone read this blurb?

ANYWAY. This flash movie was created to co-incide with the AAHC site. Once everything is set, you'll also be able to see this movie as the opening for the site. Good thing there's a Skip Intro button ready.

Anyhow, what's the plot? Simple, there isn't one. Just random collections of characters. Some of them are AAHC members re-renderised, others may be original or Doctor Malevolent characters.

Anyway, that's pretty much it for now. If you're interested in checking out the site, there's a link in the bottom bar of the movie.

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i wish theres a game like that!!! can you make for the gamers?


Ah nastalgia

You guys want to restart the site?

The f@#K is this foolishnes...

Oh what junk from the internet Encyclopedia Dramatica can find you...

Nice animation by the way.

.... I guess I already count as a member with out even joining.... =\

me and brew were talking about the old club earile

miss that place. the mansion isn't what the AAHC used to be nor will ever been. you gonna be around for that LOL REUNIONN?

great animation as always steven. gave brew a nice two second spot which is cool. robotnic too? good music and great tribute to a once glorious club. shame it was wiped off the site and all mentioning of it.

much love from a butt hurt Inny <3