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~ytmnd soundboard 4!~

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Author Comments

This is the final one in the series.
Hope you enjoy this one as much as you did with the others. :)

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Good as always, but "ICH MIEN TIEG"?! XD That means like "I mnie dya" :D And if you wrote it right, it would be "I mine day" But the song is called "Heut' ist mein Tag", what means "Today's my day!" :D


Good YTMND soundboard.Even though the sounds are ripped from YTMNd , i liked it...but you cant exactly create prank calls with it.

Emo Vader...that was funny

great job man, big fan of all of the YTMND's, btw i liked the rock version of Ich Mien Tieg, who does it and where can i find it??

All and all...very good job

*puts this as number one in his list*

sfslol responds:

I found it on the hidden nazi minesweeper.

You may need to search minesweeper on ytmnd. :)


The Emo Vader made me laugh for a long time :P...Its damn brilliant.
Nice soundboard

sfslol responds:

Thanks. Liked that, wait for the FINALE.


Okay, I think everyone's forgotten what soundboard are for... prank calls! Today, they're just menus with random sounds and no use for prank calls at all!!!

If you want to make a soundboard, make it usable for prank calls! It pisses me off to see a shitty soundboard pass judgement with a score of over 2.00!!!

sfslol responds:

Actually, if it has a score over 2.00 it is decent and also this soundboard is useful for prank calls, I've used it on my mates to piss them off.