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R&F Christmas Special!

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Ratbag & Furball Christmas Special. I took a while to produce episode 5 and here it finally is. I put a stuffload of work into making this episode look and sound good. Added a new preloader and made graphics finer, sharper and estetically better overall. I thank "khuskan" for his version of "Silent Night" on the Audio Portal. Have fun!

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I am getting used to your stuff. I do wish that this had more of a story. Still, this was quite enjoyable. I like your animation style. I still see Mickey Mouse in that silhouette. I wish there was just more going on.

The music's pretty good. Christmas stuff never gets old. It's great how I can watch this at any time of the year. Well, it's short too. I am just not familiar with these characters.


Well i cant believe the amount of artists that have series and the always seem to include a christmas special, this one was quite well done. I like how you were able to take it with alot of humour in it, the messages started off alittle straight edged but then the jokes began and i enjoyed them all. The little piece with the explosion by the christmas tree was nicely animated and the scene was nicely designed. Overall a above par christmas episode.

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)

stoners-lunchbox responds:


Really good flash about my favourite holiday...

... mostly cause it's my birthday, but anyway; the reason for the low sound score. Before I clicked play, the music you hear in the movie comes on, and it overlaps the main music, making a really fucking annoying echo effect. If you can look into this problem, that would be greatly appreciated. Other than the sound, it was really good. Bye-bye-for-now. ^_^

stoners-lunchbox responds:


The reason the music is a bug is because iut's set to a "start/stop" setting. It sucks because on slower computers (or on possible glitches or frame losses) the player counts a few frames ahead and ends up starting the music early. To get around this problem you can alwaysre-start the animation, but it's a pain in the bottom. Shame.

Thanks for the feedback!


you seem to answer mostly all your rateings its nice to see most people dont or barly answer them. another good one by the ways ^_^

stoners-lunchbox responds:


I answer all reviews, because i believe all the people who leave a comment are entitled to "get what they give" out of this. Sometimes that's meant in a good way... Sometimes it isn't. I think you understand that well enough.

Thanks for watching!

that was great

that was awesome dude. it was allso very funny and looked and sounded great allover it was awesome cant wait to see episode 5 its amazing how far like uve come with this the graphics r great now.. i liked the comic book "BOOM"... SO COOL AND SO FUNNY... TO BAD I DIDNT GET TOO SEE IT BEFOR CRISTMAS ..... damn caps .. but anyways dude u kik ass . the best thing tho is still the fish surfboard thing lol

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Yeah, that was the best thing so far. That was actually a skit i wanted to do for a long time, ever since BEFORE i learned how to animate. I had a ball watching that segment over and over again once it was done. It signified more than just a dash of humor for me.

Thanks for watching!