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Christmas with Jesus

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Author Comments

Merry Christmas
heres a short for Christmas time That reminds us all to keep Christmas Commercial

press the Bing vision button for a pointless action

also its come to my attention that a certain group of people have taken offence to this flash i find their views to be based on a book that was writen so long ago that no-one could ever prove that it ever happened also explain dinosaurs eh dont see that mentioned in the bible do we explain that then

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The Bible does mention dinosaurs in Job 40: 15-19 (The Message version).
Look at the land beast, Behemoth. I created him as well as you.
Grazing on grass, docile as a cow—
Just look at the strength of his back,
the powerful muscles of his belly.
His tail sways like a cedar in the wind;
his huge legs are like beech trees.
His skeleton is made of steel,
every bone in his body hard as steel.
Most magnificent of all my creatures,
but I still lead him around like a lamb!
The grass-covered hills serve him meals,
while field mice frolic in his shadow.
He takes afternoon naps under shade trees,
cools himself in the reedy swamps,
Lazily cool in the leafy shadows
as the breeze moves through the willows.
And when the river rages he doesn't budge,
stolid and unperturbed even when the Jordan goes wild.
But you'd never want him for a pet—
you'd never be able to housebreak him!"

Thats the stuff

Were you referring to general nature of bible with that Cakes=Crosses thing?

Probably no one has ever mocked Good ol' Jebus that way.
Nuffin else to say except: Oonami ban ba baan!


That was funny as hell man!(speaking of which IM probably going there for laughing at that) Making fun of jesus is amazingly fun to do...but i have to admit the end kinda "tainted" the flash but no points off for that it was hilarius...oh and for the BIBLE THUMPERS out there that are bashing this cause it pokes fun at jesus go curl up under your bed and cry about is as you flip through the bible.


That was great, I loved how he connected cake to crosses.

my god dont say that about him

whats wrong with you dam i siad a few things about him my self but what u put at teh end was vary vary bad :/ other then that itsok but man thats just wrong

Credits & Info

3.03 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2005
9:32 AM EST