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A "B"-ming Christmas

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Here's Blue Fox Lock presenting you a brand new Lock flash where strawberry Clock Jr goes see Santa Lock at the local mall. What else could I add? I've never been good at writing descriptions. It's just a flash movie after all. You prolly don't need to read a description as it oftens just spoil the fun coz you can guess the plot much easier if you know what's going to happen coz you read something in the description that would make you think that should happen in the movie... Uh or something like that. Anyway who reads descriptions nowadays? Do you read these lines at the moment? Do you? Perhaps you thought "Omagawd such a big paragraph I'll never read all this" and just clicked on play, watch the damn thing like the other 50 you've watched today and vote 3 and write a review saying you feel generous otherwise you'd have voted 2. Or you're just one of those 12 years-old smartasses who've never even seen the icon of macromedia flash and think every flash with a quality inferior to the simpsons should be blammed and will vote 0 on this one as you did for every others and then write a review that sounds like "OMGWTF THIES sH1T s0X GO H@GN URZELF N00B". Actually I don't give a shit. I'm submitting this for people who actually like these kinda flashes. Like it or not it won,t make a difference. Why am I typing that anyway?! Fuck that!! Just watch the damn thing I'll go make myself a sandwich!

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too fucking good.

thus i laughed my ass off for ages.

That was funny

Altough I'm a fan of the Clock Crew, the Lock Legion also makes some pretty good flash. Good job with this short animation, keep it up.

And I hope you enjoyed your sandwich (if you know what I mean)

Great Hybrid of a lock/clock movie.

I know it makes a lot less sense but it would be a LOT funnier if it was not strawberry clock junior but Strawberry clock himself sitting in santa locks lap... Don't you think? He's socialising with the enemy then!


i hate clock movies. im a much bigger fan of original flash like foamy en hentai games.

fifnd <3


LoL this made my day