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Promo- Eve Online

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I have been working on this movie for almost a year now. Most of the time was spent doing photoshop work for things like the ship, stars, characters you see. This promo of the movie was made for newgrounds, the final movie can be seen at http://www.omnistar.ws whenever its finished. If you like/hate the movie, want to make a comment or ask me a question, just send an email to captainfishstix@omnistar.ws . Little extras- the gun in the beginning is a flash version i drew of Vash's *Trigun*. Well without further wait, enjoy the movie, i hope you like it.

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More or less like the movie for what it is...
WHICH, if anyone else had bothered to look at the submit date (Unless it's buggy or something) Says " Submitted: 08/17/2001 | 08:25AM EST ", which I believe was 2 years before the game you all (Down there V) know as EVE...so treat this as either its own thing or a vision into what Eve could've been... just sayin'.

epic fail

you fail at life. this had nothing to do with eve really, you kept changing scenery, and you wasted a year of your life on this. you have no life, you fail at life, and you suck moose balls. dont act like you accomplished anytyhing because you didnt


I play eve online. As a promo, it did it's job, but I will say that the constant scene changes to that one dude with purple hair was a bit excessive, maybe twice, but after that you should have added something else, perhaps a silent battle scene, or a wrecked ship. I don't know, it was good and you should do more flash, you show lots of potential.


A waste of time, hardly captured anything to do with EVE Online besides the setting. Unless this is a prelude to something bigger, it really isn't something to cheer over, especially if it took nearly a year to make.


but being an eve player i can say that it failed to capture the true essence of eve
+ yamato is from star craft not eve any way i give you a 5 on scoring and nine on this

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2.14 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2001
8:25 AM EDT