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Midnight Mystery

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Me and my friend started to make this movie and thought it would never be finished, but this day finally came. Well, not this day, but a different day. We made it awhile ago so the graphics and the characters are old school. This winter i'm going to work on some better cartoons. Your comments help me out a lot, so keep writing and i'll change things to make a better cartoon. Just watch the movie already.

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funny as shit

this is a great flash, dont listen to those fags noeticand welsey, this was one of the funniest things ive seen in a while

Haha funny and scary :D

Haha i loved it :D it gave me a warm nice feeling .. because some times it looked like an old pc mystery game .. :P it was very nice and i hope you and your friend will continue to do more like this :D

It's going to my favs :O

Cheeeeeeeeeeeers! SimMa

It Was Alright

The graphics of the movie were on the downside. But I can understand if that "artistic ability" isn't present (like in my case).

The voice acting was somewhat bad. Some points too loud, other points too quiet. But I think the "bad" voice acting was one of the qualities that made the movie so funny, such as Chucky's obnoxiously loud chainsaw. (Believe me, I fell out laughing when I heard it). I really loved the unexpected swirves in the movie as well.

Some parts could use some improving, but the movie itself was good.

Wish it remained a mystery

Though I'm sure that the guys who made this Flash put a lot of time and effort into it, the end results makes it seem as though they hadn't tried at all.

The graphics and art style can be improved, though the animator was perhaps limited by his own artistic ability which can be understood. This, however, could have been made up for with humor and good voice acting. The character "Chucky" was perhaps the only thing that kept this movie interesting.

it WAS good

it looked pretty cool... up untill we met your main characters... um, yeah... about that... i dont mean to sound like a dick, but they totally suck... i was gonna give you an 8 for graphics... till i saw them... and was the car sound you just saying "woosh"? and in the title screen... the voice that says "midnight mystery" sounds like the voice of a 10 year old slowed down by 100%... if you need decent effects you could always use flashkit or findsounds... but back to the characters... they could use eyes, instead of holes, some shading, and better hair...

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2.90 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2005
9:50 PM EST