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Mario Meets Elub SE 1

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Hey Guys, I tried to fit all 3 into one bug re-make but the FLA is too big and laggy so.. heres part one :D

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I like it!

It's so awesome. That's not how you spell guess or engage.


Prity good!

Ok... now...

I've got to say this is a really good improvement, but I believe you can do a better job on it. =\

The traced sprites bug me, if you are willing to be lazy and just copy a sprite sheet and paste it into Flash and trace it, that's ok. The thing is the background isn't traced, so the whole scene looks weird. But yeah, Low Quality is the solution. =P Another thing is you are using videogame music mixes, it's nice to have one but when other tracks are in, it doesn't feel that much gameyer. I'd prefer the original soundtracks. Also the music is too loud, it tends to crack when the beat or bass kicks in. Well that's really all I have to say, this wasn't to my highest expectation.

It's allright.

Some more custom sprite work and animation could improve it, but it's not a bad flash. The story was well put together and i like the idea of it. It's a pretty good cross over keep it up.

Meet my review tool

*cocks shotgun* Now here is my review.. "use something original, and better graphics, sound and not so shitty tunes".. *points shotgun at movie* *BLAM!*

and as for you.. *puts a shell into the chamber and cocks it*

BigMike-Sidelka responds:

You Fail At Life!~