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Hoppity Hop 5 : College

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Author Comments

Hiya NG ! We're back with Hoppity Hop 5 ! We're very proud of our work ! There is no glitches in wall, read the instructions to fully understand what are the objects and the goal of the game. Level 11 IS possible. Enjoy ! Comments are welcome !
Note: Original Idea by InvisibleCatnip, Soundtrack can be found in Credits section. Thanks !

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1st review

in 4 years wooooo! cool game could eb betetr but not bad

Dull and Annoying

I find that most of the hoppity hop games are more or less the same, with different enemies and goals. I even noticed a level which is exactly the same as another level in the Hoppity game where you are looking for pain releif pills.

FairPlay responds:

Well ok, I agree, I took a couple of my levels from ancient Hoppity Hop games. But hey, try to do a game in flash, post it on NG, and I'll rate it. You'll see it is not as easy as it seems to be. And hey, what's your most recent submission to the portal ? Hehe...


Gosh, well i couldnt get past the 11th level because of a glitch i seemed to run into twice, i was clearly away from the fire yet i still got killed!, or maybe im just a bad sportsmen >->. Gaming was challenging, i loved the fact that after you died you didnt go back to the beginning and rather went back just acouple, great thinking there. How many levels was there altogether? i didnt like the 10th level, with those invisible walls though, although i guess that added an extra level to the gameplay. Musical number seemed pretty cool for this groovy little game.

(Kiss my ass XwaynecoltX)

FairPlay responds:

There was 17 levels (or maybe 19 ! ). I know that fire sucks in the game but i've fixed that in HH6. Thanks for the review and have a nice day !


remember me?? can you give me any credit?? original ideas & graphics?? yup I haven't been to newgrounds in a while and im greeted back by my old game... but i dont have any credit :(

wow that rocked!!!

exelent concept, exelent levels, LOVE the music, brilliant game, well done!