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Rotting Onslaught

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Survival horror meets real time strategy as you command marines against the undead hordes!

This game is not recommended for children.

Controls: Point and click to select units. Drag-select to select multiple units. Click on where you want your selected units to go, or what you want them to attack! Right click for a context menu.

hold shift = fast scrolling
1 = select assault
2 = select snipers
d = deselect all
a = select all

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on hardest difficulty 236 kills ranking captain woot :)

That was a different kind of zombie game, meaning it came off as unique to me. It did escalate pretty quickly with the giant spiders. Those have to be some of the most annoying things out there. I couldn't really figure out how to get strategy. The part where it became night was the hardest. I'm assuming that's what happened.

You have pretty good designs here. It's nice to get the big picture of what you're up against. The music helps with the atmosphere nicely. I think I have seen this style before. I really like the title.

needs work

i like the game.


Those are indeed British Royal marines, so...

I don't see what's the rut here with kingpin66. I mean, the marines in this game, if you would notice, have the distinct British accents that anyone would notice right away (And just how can British marines be considered hillbillys/whatever in this perspective, considering I don't believe you'd ever here of a hillbilly/redneck having a British accent, at least, none that I am aware of, considering those two terms refer to certain people who live in the Southern part of the U.S., hmm?), and well, since this game was made 5 years ago, I suppose this sort of argument isn't very relevent at this point, if you ask me. TMulholland is right in what he says, if you pay attention to details here, so no need to get all tight here. Just sayin', but not everyone lives in the U.S., so... Thought I'd respond, seeing that certain comment. We can discern, based on your comment kingpin66, that you, indeed, served in the U.S. marines, but there are other types of marines out there besides the U.S. Marine Corps, like the British Royal Marines Commandos, Russian Naval Infantryman, Troupes de marine, the Republic of Korea Marine Corps, just to name a few, which is something everyone would do well to note. Oh, and British Royal Marine Commandos, use the SA-80/L85 Assault Rifle, not the M16/M4A1. I believe that's what I'll point out here.

Now, as for the game, I played this one 4 years ago, and I thought it was pretty good, and I still do, just playing again after a while for the heck of it. Just the car is a bit hard to control lol, but anyways... I just felt I had to respond to that comment as I had said before, just some habit of mine. No hard feelings intended here. I simply thought there were some things I would like to point out here, concerning... Honestly, most people, like me, come on this site just for fun, not to start some sort of serious discussion, for goodness sake. And besides, programming a game in itself is a lot of work to do, which is more than most of us could understand, or ever have to do. I say this because I understand how hard it is to debug games, set graphics, codes, this and that, so if you ever moan, you would do to consider this. If anyone would want to point me out on certain things, I would be happy to refute. Again, no hard feelings here. Have a nice day.

Credits & Info

3.92 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2005
4:16 PM EST