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Project Life

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Okay, so I've started figuring out this Actionscript thingie and got my first game finnished. It's pretty basic, but still mildly entertaining.

I sure hope you like it.

I really love actionscript, so keep an eye open for more upcoming games.

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fuck ! it's realy NOT good , i don't like like this game


this reminds me of the EA game "Spore" for the pc. nice!


A simple game, with a unique story, smooth gameplay and one of the smallest filesizes I've ever seen! I love simple experiments like this, tis perfect. Keep it going!


Single player is too easy, Multiplayer is great.

This is a interesting game you made, I like it. It is fun for a while in single player but way too damn easy. Multiplayer kicks ass though Good job.

FlashPortal OWNS

An interesting diversion.

This is a fun little game that kept me occupied for long enough to get a score of 1785.

The gameplay is simplistic, but enjoyable, as is the art; easy on the eye and not overbearing.
I found the addition of multiplayer good, although I dont know if this is a game which people would play all that much in multiplayer.
The interface is easily navigable and again, uncluttered and simple.

The only foibles I had were:
a) The lack of content: I know this is your first game, and something of an experiment, but it does need something else. A mission mode? where you have to navigate your way through a path, avoiding enemies along the way (crashing into the sides is hazardous), an online scorekeeper would be a good addition too.

b)The music got a bit annoying; I ended up muting it.

Overall, this is a stylish piece of flash with some good potential, but its unrealised and, dare I say, unfinished.

N.B. There is an exploit in multiplay, in which if one person is big, and the other small, and the small one hides in a corner, the big one cant get to them.