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bunny ear

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it's been awhile


Brilliance has a new name...

And it's fluffernutter

don't get the point

srry but I don't get your point of the joke.bad clayanimation.your graphics weren't spectaculair.and you didn't even put credits on the end.keep trying


Costa-K responds:

You didn't like it because there were no credits? Who would i give credit too, i did everything. As for the graphics, i did the best i could do for i was having trouble with uploading it.

Not following.

I'm sorry that your audience isn't getting the joke, bud. We're just criticizing: if you want people to like something, it's best to make something they'll like, rather than expect people to like what you like.

Anyway, good claymation. Audio quality wasn't spectacular, but it was understandable. The ending is kind of vague. Not the ending of the story I'm talking about, the ending of the animation. It just... stops. At least put in some credits or something.


I guess you will think I am a stupid kid too who should not speak either since I dont get it either. just seemed like random clay crap. I meen Knox's stuff is actualy clever at times, but this is just ... odd. Some guy whose head seems to not be attached all that well with how it rotates who shoots a guy for being ugly and a guy in a bunny suits ear to feed his family he is not sure he has.

P.S. I am neither stupid or a kid incase you are wondering

Costa-K responds:

it's not that your stupid, just not clever enough to get it.

I choose protection

Hey I'm protecting this because it has potential... If u DID do the animation its quite good. However if u want it to go really well do this....

-Better storyline, it was okay but needed more clarity.
-Subtitles, i'm sorry did anyone get what they said?
-Full frame, it was very small considering the size of the window.
-Quality, improve quality, i don't do these movies so i wouldn't know how but if u cleaned this all up it would be appealing.
-Sound, Music, ambience? It has constant cuts between lines.

Otherwise good and I can imagine the amount of time it took to animate so I say keep it up, make it more proffessional and it could make top 50.

Costa-K responds:

all good points, i probably shouldn't have made a movie based on my ramblings.

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2.28 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2005
10:19 PM EST
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