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It's A Wonderful L1F3

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I.Q. level may drop when watching this.
L1F3 Christmas 2005

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OMG PLOT TWIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ya what was with the chicken thing?

what the hell was trhat!

what was that chicken pat thing? oh well OMG PLOT TWIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This flash kicked ass and you better keep making flashes like this one

DrDeath2k3 responds:

So, chris111...we meet again. I've been following your trail of sexy reviews to this.
Did you know the square root of my IQ is 2? I didn't know that shit.

Twas good

The sound wasn't very good quality, but the random plot twists were very funny. I don't think the square root of 4 is 2 though...but still it was a good flash...thingy

DrDeath2k3 responds:

...are you retarded?

The square root of 4 IS 2. Go to school.


Nice graphics, I really liked it. But the sound was dodgy. Some voices were real loud, and others were really quiet. That needed to be changed. Especially when the guy shouted.

The graphics were good, but the animation wasn't. There was hardly any animation was which boring. I'm sure you'll be alright at animating, no? Your good at drawing, and all it is is drawing alot of different frames. :-/

Anyway, the style was nice, it was a good changed, it was like old-school which was real nice! Haha, nice touch.

The humour was funny, with the square root of 4 = 2. That was good.

The ending was a let down, again with the bad sound quality :'(

DrDeath2k3 responds:

I even agree that the sound was fucked.

And yes, I think I can animate. This isn't my first flash ya know.
Check out "The Kingpin" series. They are crappy, but I think I animated them alright.

Anyway, thanks for the review. You atleast thought it out and put time into it. Thanks.