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Beginner 3D Tutorial

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Finally after a few days, it's completed. I really hope you enjoy it, and I hope you learn so much! I have seen so many Flashes that are de-graded because of thier backgrounds, and that it doesn't look like-life. So I put this together.

I know it's not REAL 3d, its perspective, but you cannot actually format real 3D in Flash, this is the closest thing, right?

Please use the 'Help me' in the menu!

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This will help me with drawing. i dont have Flash yet or a wacom pad but when i get it this will be really helpful.

Awesome Tutorial ! *into Favourites*

Hi IWantSomeCookies !
You probably remember me, you know, "ninojoj", reviews, respons, the ugly part - that's me, but revampaged !
I really liked your Tutorial, xtremely helpfull(even I am far from begginers), but so fucking annoying that I just had to turn my speakers off.
Denvish is cool, we all know that, but this BlueGrass music is a lot of kyling...

This is a Tutorial about graphics, so really nice, I learn alot !
Nice style also.. But the "Next Frame" buttons(if you know what I mean) were just too small ! At the first look I didn't even saw them ;)
0/0 --- URGH ! I really turned my speakers out... May I suggest putting some good ParagonX9 stuff? Like Defcon ? Do it !
Overally nice, but as I said, buttons are the weak point...
An awesome Tutorial !

I remember that you posted on the BBS about that(I'm banned untill Christmas from posting to Forum, a price of arguing with mods about new account)...
I also like reviews, so if you want, response !
And yes, I put this into my Favs !



Helpful, I had a book about that at one point. I liked it, though I didn't learn anything new. :-P

IWantSomeCookies responds:

Lol cool its mainly for beginners, so if you didn't learn anything, you're not a beginner.


thx for the tut! It'll help a lot i suppose. So thx!

IWantSomeCookies responds:

Well, its supposed to help people. Glad it fulfilled what its supposed to do.

yes yes yes! Now learn from this you fools!

Every beginner to intermediate flash artist MUST watch this flash and for gods sake practice! *cough* Star Syndicate! *cough*

Still it's probably better if they don't for us I guess because then it makes life easier for me and guys like the one who made this movie to stand out. I think the guy from 'dodgeball' said it best when he said "we're better then you! And we know it" even if the character who said it was a dumbass XD

But to sum this movie up seriously it's a must see for any flash artist who wants to have a remotely decent reputation for making quality movies/games

IWantSomeCookies responds:

Thanks, and thanks for your review. If you want Flash artists to view this, lol, add it to your favourites.

Lol cheap advertising, I love it.