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insurance hunter

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This game is based on the classic spy hunter but made in flash 8. Every level offers you a new way of defeating the enemy, to keep you entertained.

It's a classic! and before you say it - IT ISNT STOLEN we made it for a client who kindly allowed us to upload it here

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The Music wasn't very good.Really, always looping, my ears are bleeding now. -1

I just find the game idea pretty dumb, I mean, hunting other insurer's Mascot?It's not that I dislike the fact you just try to give the insurer's a bad name, or that I like them, it's just plain stupid. -3

For the gameplay, it's fun the first level and then just gets boring an repetitive. -3

The graphics were good.Nothing else to say about them. +0

Overall the game could be ALLOT better.


The game was ok. The thing that really bugged was the fact that your advertising Car Insurance to NG users. Not only that, this game happens to be a demo. Seriously, what the fuck?

good spy hunter clone

this was quite a good little game like the genrel lee from dukes of hazards and the van from a team all being put in there :) the weapons and stages where all little too samey and levels could've done with being much larger and maybe being able to turn into a boat like in spyhunter would've been good

nice gme

lilmat2323 your score is a fake because everyones score is an even number duh retaRD PPLUS I BEAT IT ANYWAY

nice but nothing more

It is a good game, nothing too new or too great. Background and controls really well done. Although weapons chnage, they do the same thing. But a very playable game, nice game idea.