1 Man Wars

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I guess this is "officially" my first game, it's a side-scroller shooter with 2 different characters.
!- its important that you read ALL of the instrucions before playing.
-No free sources were used in the making of this game, it's was all completely home-made.
-Thanks to guys who helped- enjoy

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but a cheat/glitch is you can hold down shield and fire soo u are invincible!

Very good job!

I think this a great game, espicially since its your first one. I like how after a while it gets really hard and starts to take some real skill.

NICE ONE 10/10

Keep It Up


Good game but a little to repetative.
You do the same thing over and over again

good game...

original idea, decent graphics, and a dual- campaign thing... tis pretty cool... but ide work on the game engine or w/e... some time u would shoot the enemy and they wouldnt die.... definite glitch that needs to be fixed.....


It was a nice game, good for a first, real good infact if it was your first. The animation was nice, but I didn't think the interactivty and playability was that good.

When the guy jumped.. he didn't real JUMP, he just went up, and you couldn't duck so much that you wouldn't get shot.

There were a few bugs in it, like if you had your shield up, and jumped and ran forward, then pressed the shield button again, it would appear before that shield. Also if you kept pressing the shield button, loads of shields would appear.

You should make it so if you jump on some enemies heads, they die via. that, or atleast make it so you can shoot down, about 3 enemies came in and I could get away from them. It was a bit too hard at times.

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3.96 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2005
7:09 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other