Eagle's quest

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A very simple game you are an eagle and you supposably learn to fly..


good stuff`

I thought it was fun, good work on the bird flying. It was kindof irritating that you couldnt go diagonally though.

Great effort, I thought it was funny

A great work dude, it was inspired. lmao I thought it was all just really hilarious.

Bam2323 responds:

sweet thanks

I agree with Jeffshaw

1.Why is the eagle= owl in picture
2. Some coins were unpickupable- 1st 1 in each scene?
3. In instructions it showed as blank =1pt and there was no button to get out of instructions.
4. Game got boring stay right near top and you can get nearly all of them in no time.

However, its not too bad- I never blam a game unless it is seriously naff because I know it takes quite a bit to make one and you did have sound and levels

Bam2323 responds:

thanks....i will try to fix these problems

nothing too new or...

buggy game, (some coins where picked up, when i passed over them, others were not) annoying music,( the music loops were too short), looked like a boring game too, sorry to be so harsh, but imporve these things before making another game

Bam2323 responds:

i know i will fix this

Odd choice of music...

I liked the music, but it seemed oddly mismatched to the game and story. It would be nice to be able to fly diagonally. And occasionally, I wasn't able to pick up the bags and jewels. Overall, though, nice work. Keep it up!

Bam2323 responds:

thanks others have told me about these glitches and i will fix them as soon a possible

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1.82 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2005
2:23 PM EST
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