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hey another game =D (gotta make another movie)
any ways hey people this is my submission to the armor games challange 3 =D hope you like it

ooh and there are some issues with lagg =( im working on it now.
Its best if you play the game in low quality.

...how to play...
you shoot at the enemys(ther are powerups).
you lose if the time runs out.
you gain time by killing the enemys.
you go up levels by killing a boss bosses come periodicaly through the game and you also gain a 30 sec time bonus.
if you lose all of your health you respawn and lose 30 secs


Nice try...

At least its better than that other gunrun. The other one is stupid how could somone like it?

Sucker! Don't rip off, fool!

You fool, should people think this is GunRun?
Well First thing the aiming sucks, learn flashing and then come back!!

Be Original

Im with the last guy, you gotta think up of your own stuff ... be original and creative dont rip stuff off that other people.

Blame this

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it was alright

you need to fix some problems. when i died and the gameover screen appeared, my mouse disappeared. the games a bit boring, but you did a good job, because games are hard to make

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good game

it was reallly good

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2.69 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2005
2:00 AM EST