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Mall Santa

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This was created for a school project in which the focus was lipsynching. We also had to use South Park style, so dont complain about it. Hope you find it funny, Happy Holidays !

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It was Ok

Hold on! Your project HAD to be South Park style! I almost got kicked out school for making South Park characters in my CAD class because it promoted swearing in school or something. Thats totally cool. Oh and your project was OK the charcters just need to look a little bit smoother.

Great Southpark style..

I really thought the voices were perfect, the animation was pretty good, too. The only thing I can suggest is that when the characters are communicating with each other, their eyes should be directed towards one another, at least in a general direction, rather than straight ahead. It would make the characters seem more "alive".


It was okay the amimation was decent. Seem to be inspired by the loveable South Park show. Not overly funny I did however want to explode the little boy afterwards. I'm just not a fan of X-mas.


lol ill laugh at that for a while, then go to the mall and start chucking candy canes at "santa" and go HAVE SOME CANDY CANES SANTA!!!!!! then run before mall security catch up to me but im too fast for them damn rent-a-cops!


haha, i loved the ending "have some candy canes santa" good job