T tree tutorial christmas

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Well, this is my second tutorial wich ive been working rather hard on, also instead of music there is a feature wich is very cool!!!

EDIT 2008:

Strange, 3 years on and i've got to say a lot has changed.. How gay do I sound in this :P

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just listeneing to you talk earns a ten in humor. the tut wasnt good and theres already enough of them

Dude no offense...


I..... H A T E Y O U R V O I C E lmao im sorry i have my opinion and other ppl have theirs but i really think u recording your voice ruined it. not a bad tutorial, just your voice kinda killed it... i wouldnt given it more but i couldnt stand listening to it and the fact that i couldnt turn it off.... lol sorry


dont mind those ass-jacking bastards who cant appreciate a tutorial.

Even if this tutorial is the most trivial piece of flash on this site, it WILL help somebody.

And i see that review down there, that says everybody knows what fbf means. Not everybody knows what fbf means, thats why they would watch the tutorial... to learn.

The voice was a good touch for people too lazy to read it all.

My only problem was that your mouse was centered in the middle of it, instead of where the clicky part should've been.

(In case you dont know)To make the mouse click at the top left, where the point was, when you turn it into a movieclip, you will see a bunch of little squares, with the center one highlighted. All you have to do is click the top left one, and vuala! Your picture will be centered around the top left point, instead of the center, and that's where it will click things from.

If you need any help with anything, email me


I learned all of this when i first started flash..

Your tutorial thing isnt total crap. But the tutorails are too shallow and well... would only help a snail. Everything you had here I learned on my first day with flash. And you could have dropped the 3d section. Wh doesn't know how to draw 3D? I drew that stuff in the 1st grade. Although the tutorials are worthless this vioce got kind of annoying but was an interesting touch. Maybe you could have put a button in that gets rid of the voices. I dunno. Make a tutorial of something much more complex and make a "get rid of the voices" button and you might get a higher score.

That was about as useful as a dead housekeeper

I think we all know how to draw a cube and I think anyone who comes to newgrounds knows what frame by frame means. And if they did not know then how would they know what fbf meant. By the way you probably shouldnt have included your 5 year old voice ranting on.

Chazz responds:

I tried to make it sound more high pitched u dip shit

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Dec 8, 2005
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