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dd2005: spam invaders

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happy denvish day 2005!

the spammers and flamers are overtaking the BBS. do you have what it takes to lay down the banstick and turn back the n00bs? help denvish, with the help of afro_ninja and negativeONE, defend the NG BBS, while looking out for that damn panda and the ultimate spammer.

programming by authorblues
artwork by darkfire_blaze
voice acting by -dathug-

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awsome dude

this was really fun, and i like the new features to this little space invaderish game

strait 8s

hahahah this game was hilarious, mabye one day ill have my own day(not), the graphics weren't half bad(i didn't quite get the wombat or whatever the hell you were playing as. i also liked if you get hit my negitiveone he says that thing. the music you picked out in this was a good choice. there was also violecne and onteractivity.

well like Agak said this gets boring after a while

funny as hell(i didn't get the panda though)

This was awesome!

~The good~

Hmm, I can really tell you're into those old classic games, right? I mean, after seeing your take on asteroids and than this, I can only presume you're a fan, right? Well, in any case, this game was really something, for one, I really loved the animation. Sure it was a little bit more simplistic than your other work, but it moved very well, and looked pretty darn good. The music was also good in this, it was very suitable for a flash like this. What I really like in this were the controls, I loved that you can hold the attack button to shoot, and you can shoot rapidly as well, unlike in the real space invaders where you can only shoot one bullet at a time, ick. I also loved the fact that you got two teamates, Afro_ninja, and somebody else, don't know who it is exactly... Well, though they don't do much, it really makes it seem like a war against the spammers, and they may, on occasions, kill a straggler that's being a pain to get.

~The bad~

Just like in your Asteroids flash, I think you could've had more depth in the game itself. Perhaps more variety in levels, or something like that. I do not know what it is about me, but after finally beating an invasion in Space invaders, I could never play the second round due to the repeadativeness, with which this game had a little of as well. I just think you should make the levels so that the casual gamer would be interested in it for quite a while.

Overall, just an awesome parody of Space Invaders mixed with the BBS, with great animation and gameplay, though it suffers quite a lot from the repeatativnes of the levels. I hope this review was helpful!


not bad

keep up the good work

and nice job on the graphics and the humour

Credits & Info

3.91 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2005
10:38 AM EST

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