Peanut Man

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Well heres something.

The synch of the sound to the animation was perfect on my pc, but when i put it online something went wrong and it broke

I deleted and uploaded like 20 different versions but i got tired of it.

my friend and I each recorded a one minute random talking that we had to animate.
it turned out well, except the sound is retarded when its online.

if anyone can tell me what went wrong with the sound please help.



I really wish this synched up right. :( Oh well. I thought this was a great movie. Alot of people don't like randomness but this one wasn't stupid about it, it was just really, really freaking funny. The tone of the voiceover (You? I'm guessing) was perfect for the atmosphere of this film. You did a great job thank you for entertaining me for a minute or two.

"On his scooter, which also had 3 heads."


that was damn funny....you should get a bunch more of these. I would have to say if your sitting around talking about this stuff....well...drugs are bad OK! But they are funny. MORE MORE

Cool Idea

So you animated to a random discussion? that's pretty cool. Nice simple style too, rudimentary, but cool.


i liked it
it was wierd
The sound was a little bit off after a while

Rock on.

Your humor is amazing. It reminds me of something i've seen before...if you ask me i'd say it ended too soon. Also, I thought the flash was gonna suck because the graphix at the begining were (and continued to be throughout the flash) subpar. Still, I gave you a five because I liked the story so much.

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2.80 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2005
10:01 PM EST
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