Metal Gear Vr: Unfinished

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This is a game I started working on immediatly after finshing my zelda game. However it is unfinished I decided to redo the graphics and fix the action script, but since I didnt want this to waste I decided to release it.
It is unfinished so dont tell me somethings missing. But it works exceptionally well for a unfinished game. So check it out and look forward to the finshed game coming out soon.
Give me positive reviews

Its been a couple of years since the games release but I have good news. I have begun development of a sequel (at heart). Its a stealth game with revamped art and I very good engine to boot. Definitely something mgs fans will like. It wont be carrying the mgs name but it will have the feel. Its an original stealth game and I think many people will enjoy it.


Good,but fix the controls.And fix the elimination bug where guard just take bullets.

Is this Big Boss or Solid Snake?

why does snake have an eye patch? if tis is mgs1 thats not bigboss

dude... fix the billion bugs and shit

you can't even kill. The bullets just go right through or something. Fix everything and try again.

not good

sorry but i call them as i see them. no tutorials and controls did not work right.

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3.23 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2005
3:27 PM EST
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