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This was a little animation i made a while back. It's not great and it's unfinished, maybe if it gets good feed back i will finish it. Anyway, sorry about the sound i just threw a song in there to submit it. The song is from final fantasy advent children and it's called black water. Enjoy and tell me what you guys think. Anyway, i'm working on a good project right now, should be finished soon, it's gonna be alot better than anything i've done, so look out for it!

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(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
The art in this was pretty good. Very detailed drawing, and the animations weren't too bad, even though they weren't very smooth. Kind of an interesting premise to this.

^^Needs Improving^^
It had very little in terms of sound effects or voice overs to make it more interesting. And the slow pace that it moved at didn't really help either.

Nice improvements

This is a well constructed flash where you've shown us the techniques of manipulation and also backgrounds. I think you've made a few basic errors though:

1) The music was wrong. Not bad quality wise, but it sets the wrong mood for the whole flash. That's similar to boss fight music, rather than 'tutorial jingles'. The tempo wasn't right in the tune to keep me interested either.

2)The speed of the flash was wrong - I found myself reading the contents of each speech bubble and then waiting for too long to get the next one or next action, which was slightly more drawn out than needed. Perhaps a 'next' box on the speech could speed things up and some work on tweening to speed the movements up slightly.

With these improvements, I'm sure you're onto a winner though :)

[Review Request Club]

A decent movie

It was a decent movie, but there´s still a lot of room for improvement. First of, I think the song you added didn´t actually suited the movie that well. It seemed like you didn´t choose it cause you think it suits in this flash. But more like you added it just because you thought it was a cool song. I suggest you pick something different, a more relaxing theme perhaps. Second, the drawings and animation both need some more work. The drawings weren´t that bad, but they could be better. The animation however was pretty bad. Vivi walked in a very strange way, it looked pretty ugly in my opinion. Third, the movie needs more speed. The pace of the movie seemed a bit slow, which made it kind of boring. Maybe you should make us press the spacebar or make us click on something to go to the next text balloon.

Overall 6 out of 10, 3 out of 5. It was still an okay movie in my opinion, even with all the negative points I wrote above. Try to improve your flash on the areas I mentioned and I think we could have some pretty good stuff here.

~Auz, Review Request Club


im an obsessive ff fan and i thought that this was funny but needs better anime

well hummm....

lets see.... the sound is very cool...but it didnt go very well with the movie you know...but not bad... you did a good work here..

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3.17 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2005
2:40 PM EST
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