N00bkebob #10

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N00bkebob #10


And the 10th one comes here!

Another fine Kebob fo' the pleasure! :D

Well, this time Queen has made some funny but "emotive" movie. The drawings were pretty sweet and, well, it was really nice to see :)

King's was predictable, yet so funny :D I've seen better jobs from him, though :P

Physcho's was ok. Some kind of Madness stuff. The animation wasn't the best ever, but at least it wasn't too bad. Anyway I'd have prefered to see a humor movie.

Oh, and nice menu song _;)

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N00bNation responds:


Pretty good

You guys are pretty good.... you just need to make a wee bit more sense. (><). Keep up the good work... Oh and the file was WAY TO BIG! Try and compress it.

((( NOtBAD )))

Well notbad on this, cant say i have seen the others or maybe i have but ill be sure to check them out when i get some time, anyways abit random at times but shows some decent effeort in characters to humor, i liked them, so nice work indeed...

Compress the file somewhat...

Funny and random but also entertaining...



Well ten entries is a big milestone for a series and its good to see the King is back for it;

N00bQueen: I like this style, i have seen it done by afew of your members, its sort of a saddening, simply drawn deep messaged style and i thought you did it well then time, it absored me into the moment. 8/10

N00bKing: Well that guy learned to give people alittle space, man i knew i wouldnt be dissapointed with the return of the king and this has to be the best short i have viewed from the NN in awhile, great joke, character design and violence. 10/10

PsychoN00b: Well i like how you used alot of the background elements and weapons to the silver characters advantage to make it seem very creative and violent. I liked the running up the wall part, classic 9/10

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)


Fuck all the "Ng Nubs" which tell you to get out of newgrounds.. its ovious they havent seen the liked of the older noob nation flashes.. anyways.. i felt there wasnt real effort put into this one then the some of the others.

N00bNation responds:

thanks, we will get back into glory one day... when we get less lazy :p

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Dec 1, 2005
3:31 PM EST
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