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Brothers In Arms pt. 2

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Author Comments

Hope you enjoy this animation I made for
Flash Cheat

we made changed that we didnt do in the 1st
like now we made the camera zoomed out more because people bitching about the old one being like real close... and now we made more sounds and stuff... so yeah....
-Justin :)
Hope you enjoy!

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This was cool, very cool weapons aswell, this had lots of neat stuff i really enjoyed it and like the camera shots very nice indeed, hope to see more soon...

More of this if you can, and maybe some compression of the file would be neat...

A decent flash with some cool action...


Super!! well.. not super, but good

I saw the first part it was good, better than the secon one. it was more combat in it. how do u make those guns man???

Smoke-Tower responds:

ahahah we just good mate
-Justin ;)

dude lol

your one dumb mother fucker. first i dont have no fucking sister. and second your art on your site fucking blows. dude ive already got a scholarship to a college just because i sent them drawings i did. so why dont you go fucking smoke some fags, you know what ever you call them in europe you bunch of fags. and maybe drink a cup of fucking tea and bitch about how much better america is then you guys are.

Smoke-Tower responds:

man... how you get a scholarship.... for sticks? thats just stupid and you retard i dont motion tween like you think i FBF too i been since that Joey's Story thing i made... and also fuck off and stop making new accounts just to tell me off in reviews... well then and like you said " your site sucks so bad " let me see your site... and also fuck you... in almost every review you send to my BIAs you say shit like " ToughLuck Reviewed My Flash!!111 " no one really cares... he is a normal fucking person he isnt like the most popular guy in the fucking world mate....
and who cares what you think... no one really cares... and plus you say " I Just Got Flash!!11 " well me to mate i got it like 2-3 months ago... and also... your movies suck... and you said shit like " MY BLOOD IS SO BETTER THEN YOURSSS!!!11 " your blood sucks all it is like 3 lines and a little ball in the center and then it looks like a splatter and since when has blood splatered in the ski? like in Call Of Duty like the guy gets a head shot and BAM! its like on the fucking background!

no piss off

i dont get it

everyone keeps on rating your movies low because its "too short" or "has stupid AI" or whatever. i really liked this movie, ye, short, but worthwhile.even though the storyline is a little linear, i like it. is the only guy left out for revenge or something? but anyway, it was way better than the first, and i dont get why bubble hitman and bubble war got a low score. they both seemed real good and "action"-ish, more gun shots and stuff. even without it being so long.

keep up the Great work man!


Smoke-Tower responds:

ok... let me explain... BIA: 1 they were on a mission and his brother dies then in the rest he goes out to kill each of the enemies connected to his death and in the last episode of BIA he kills the leader guy...

also i make them short so they arnt like 8 minutes long and get boring the 1st like minute

also BIA ( brothers in arms ) the reason i named it that is because... his brother died during war so the name sortof connected with it... and also

BIA: Total War ( its like a special edition ) is coming out in a few days!

-Justin :)
glad you liked the moive :D

Couple Things

Night is spelt N-I-G-H-T, also the art is not exactly stolen but is pretty clost to something else I saw. And if it is where you got it from then it could have been alot better. Next the reason for the low violence rating.
Middle of the night, no one else around, some one touches your shoulder... you stand there waiting to die.... dont do anything... "Perhaps" you say to yourself "I'm hust to lazy to turn around and not die... or perhaps im paralyzed from the tip of my hair down to my feet." If you get my drift they should at least turn around or jump or be alerted in anyway shape or form. It's just natural human behaivor. Other then that... sorry for the long reveiw, could have been less zoomed in and more well... action. Do better next time and keep practicing.

Smoke-Tower responds:

ahahah im not really up to spelling
and the other shit... eh


Credits & Info

3.51 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2005
8:25 PM EST