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Stick ish flash

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Ok..started out stick but ran out of ideas and patience, so I..well you will see..I included sound FX this time, and what i thought was a good loop :D (I looped it properly this time xD, for those who want to know what..'not properly' is, visit..other flashes :D) REVIEW!! helps :D..and yes..no story watso ever, anyone interested in giving me one cause of my lack of imagination will be appreciated :P

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to short...make it longer, then it will be entertaining

"hahatop", did you even watch it!?

Okay, before I start, this clearly should get a 7+ in Violence, this wasn't a "Okay, lets stop Fighting for a second.", its a full on random violence flash, so watch before reviewing!
Er... Sorry. I just get ticked...
GRAPHICS: Again, Deek's Sprites, and STICKS. More freakin' sticks. But whatever, good enough.
STYLE: Oh my god, nice work. No stopping, just full on action. Perfect!
SOUND: Its a six, becuase Stick people fighting doesn't sound like Swords Clashing... But thats only in Reality, otherwise, its pretty good.
VIOLENCE: It is ment for Violence, right!?
INTERACTIVITY: Like I said, Replay and Play, good enough.
HUMOR: I laughed when the MECH came in randomly, but it wasn't made for Humor, was it? No offense, again.
OVERALL SCORE: 92 / 100.
RANK: (Level up!) Lv. 33 / 50 EXP: 1255 / 1500 - Eliete Swordsman


umm...you should make longer flashes,and leave those sprites.


well, u did certainly ran out of ideas
but it was ok
focus on a plot...
ur graphics are good tho! (that's why i gave u a 10)
oki, that all
i thank you

Cookierabbit responds:

thanks :P...i think im getting some coolio ideas for sticks...yay..sticks are nice and easy..other nimations have sucked for me :(

just no...

Pointless is right no plot or anything, kinda boring, you need somthing to keep the reviewer occupied with and this just didn't, it was alright for two year old if that

Credits & Info

2.87 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2005
10:11 PM EST