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If you like Chick Flicks then this is the movie for you...
All girl Crime fighting action...
But it aint ALL Girl lol... still it only took me 1 week to complete... suprisingly... O well...
And You can select scenes now...

YAY I just learned how to make Buttons with FLASH...
My flash skills are improving...

Anyhow... sit back relax and ENJOY THE SHOWWWW!!!


The series are good but...

Why did you make Spawn the bad guy. There is a comic book AND a movie where they show that Spawn is a good guy. BTW he can't do most of those attack you gave him. Watch the movie to see what he really can do (and the movie is called "Spawn"... DUH!!).


Angel is very sexy

Not bad. Not best.

Your sounds are horrrrrible! Get on google, search for MUGEN download it! Then search for mugen characters and download them too! THEN search FIGHTER FACTORY, download it, and watch how much better your flashes get.
Okay that needed to be said. I like the creativity, crossovers, and the locations. You really need mugen and fighter factory to bring all of this to a whole nother level. YES I put NOTHER. Like I said, your creativity and even the dialog are good. Your animations and sounds are basic because you don't have the up to date resources. Download those FREEEEEE programs and get with it buddy. Hope to see more. I'll watch your others too.

It's Aight



After having watched Alpha Tournament and CVS, this really puts how much your skills have improved into perspective.

You've come a long way since such humble beginnings, my friend.

You have gone on to being one of the Sprite Masters.

Time to watch the next chapter.

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3.44 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2005
5:40 AM EST
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