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Orc Slayer 2

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You have been forced to go out on a quest to hunt down the big bad orc leader that has been ravaging your village lately. The incentive? Your pink bunny slippers that were taken hostage.

Kill orcs for money, the further away from the village they are the tougher they get, and the more you get paid. Buy upgrades for the money, and kill the orc leader (who lives about 100 meters from the village).

Attack - A
Shield - S
Move - Arrow keys


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Too looooooong!

The game takes too long, mainly because it is hard to get money at first. And too many bugs, like the shield bug, were you can't release the shield unless you swing your sword.

Also, if you ignore the black boss, you can go even farther, and if you keep playing, your stat gets to crazy levels. I kept playing, until I got 100 attack, 2000 health, 313 speed, and 3070 money.

There is also another glitch that isn't spoken of. When you start getting high speed, when in town, and you press to leave, it runs back into town. And then, right before I started this review, the glitch got even worse by having me constantly running right, no matter what I do. Going to the menu is the only way to stop the running. I got to 6744 meters before I just stopped playing.

In summary: It needs a lot of work.

Not very fun

It had some nice drawings but the game was just a continuous loop just killing orcs and gaining nothing from it. There were also some glitches, sometimes when using the shield, it stays where it is even when you're moving and sometimes when you're attacking the orcs, the sword doesn't always do damage.

It could use some work...

Well you don't even need the shield in the game, the movements are a bit off, sometimes when yo swing your sword it seems like it does no damage, and I was ably to find a little mess up in the game where you are running without moving your feet.

If you fixed these things that game would be a lot better.

Nice Game

Hope next version have more characters toc hoose from and extra orc types.Easier way to win: keep runing back and forth.You won't even need a shield!!!As for new characters how about the Archer, or the Cleric with the mace,etc,etc.

takes waaaaaaayy to long

it would be an awesome game if it wasn't so damn hard to get money

Credits & Info

3.33 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2005
2:11 PM EST