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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Holiday Super Frnds Ep2p1

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Update: Thanks to all for their support and NG for Front Pageness. I've fixed a few gaping errors and added a REAL preloader! Yay!

X-Treme Holiday Super Friends
Episode 2: Buy Another Day Part 1

Dr. Scrooge has developed an advanced technological wonder called the Propagando. It’s a massive mech-warrior style machine with numerous features used to “get the word out”. The most devastating of which is a large satellite dish capable of hijacking every TV station on the globe.

Once stations are taken over, Scrooge with transmit a hypnotic signal laced with subliminal anti-consumerism messages. The effects of such a signal could cripple the global economy during it’s busiest season and cause an idealistic shift to communism. (My god no!)

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I admit this kind of got too silly. It was more into "Ren And Stimpy" territory here. Still, the animation was beautiful. The character designs were amazing. I guess Holy Moses represents Hanukah. I feel immature for liking that "poops sandwiches" joke.

I do wish I could have seen more of the heroes. The villains are still really funny. That was a weird way of spelling "Friends". The voices were quite nice. I like your animation style a lot.


8u sir hav bin added to the favorite list


better than the first one in humor


The animation is Breathtakingly stunning! As for the plot... Yeah gonna have to get back to you on that. *looks for morer episodes*

He poops sandwitches

Thsi is the best thign ever! You should try getting this show on adult swim. I live Scrooge's voice. It sounds alittle like the Monarc's voice though.