A wussy stick

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This is my first movie i made. And dont tell me its crap cuz i know it. I just want propositions and help on how to do it better next time. Please take a second and watch this movie.


I was like you were

I was so overwhelmed by the amount of people coming out with half decent flash, I thought I might submit a few. They sucked, all of them sucked big time. In my school I am probably the best person to ask about flash but straight up they sucked. Out of 5 only 1 made it and that sucked aswell. Needs sound and a plot and a theme.

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Not good

Firstly you should have made the button alittle bigger at the start to play the flash as it was hard to click on the text. The flash that proceeded the start screen was nothing more then a stick moving his arms around, not much effort was taken in animating or drawing the stick figure at all and the lack of a background and music made me question this flashes appeal even more. I would have loved to have seen the stick go crazy with movement and have flashing colors in the background with some sort of dance party mix on the audio instead of it being so plain and dull. Overall maybe in a future effort you will take some time in coming up with a storyline or a purpose to your flash shorts.


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i really dont see the point. i know it's ur first time but at least make something with a story line and sound no matter how crappy it is. good job tho i guess

Does need help...

Well, the first thing you should do to make it better is to figure out exactly what you want it to do instead of just making something random. Give it a story, a purpose, anything really.

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1.36 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2001
9:40 AM EDT
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