Disks of Hanoi

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I was bored one day so decided to create the popular logic game "Disks of Hanoi" in flash. The aim of the game is to move the disks from the first pole to the last pole. Insructions are included in the game. I didn't include a loading screen, as the game is tiny anyway (10kb). Praise and criticisms are welcome, and tell me if anyone finds any bugs. My website is http://www.istoleyourinternetz.com/, if you want to see the other stuff I have up there.

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my teacher has one of those and ive beaten it so many times so this was really no challenge and this thing sucked! IT MOVED TO SLOW UNLIKE A REAL ONE.


This made me sad... I saw it, and I was like... hmm... Disks of Hanoi eh? Well... Then I made the unfortunate mistake opf actually partaking in the gameplay. This was when I realized... I hate this. Its just not a fun game to play. It is far too simple, and the controls weren't as obvious as you may have thought they were. Keep making games though, because if the idea you got this from, wasn't so incredibly horrible... I think the game would have been rather fun. (not a personal attack, not meant to offend or insult)


Ok, how did this thing survive voting...

... even though the puzzel itself is inresting, you could have spent just a littel more time adding stuff. Ya' know, like anoying music or slightly better grafics. I know that my knowlage of flash is null, but come on man! Just try harder before you submit a flash game like this. Still, I have seen and played worse...

ABsolute crapness

No originality,no good graphics, hard controls, well confusing controls should i say and allso dont make old games that are sh!t to start of with even worse

Not bad

This was one of those hit or miss things, either you liked it or you didnt. Overall not a bad puzzle, controls were a little off and the whole thing wasent that complicated, but not bad.

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3.28 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2005
3:46 AM EST
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